Our Story

Lisa Kamer – Founder, CEO

Back in 2013, Lisa Kamer found herself chewing on the question of what to do next. Her life had just gone through two huge changes: she left her job as a food industry executive after 20 years in the business, and her two beloved Corgis passed away within one week of each other. Lisa needed something special to help her move on.

She soon adopted a beautiful, *fur-ocious* new Corgi named Leo. He was certainly special, but Lisa could never have predicted how much Leo would transform her life. As soon as he got home, Leo started chewing on everything- pillows, blankets, carpets, shoes, not to mention all the food and doggie toys in the house. he seemed happy eating just about anything, but Leo’s favorite things were all made of fabric.

This gave Lisa an idea.

She knotted together a few simple pieces of cloth, and suddenly, the furniture and bedspreads were safe- the bundle of knots was a new and sacred plaything. Not only was Lisa overjoyed, she was inspired: what if other dogs loved the knotted toy as much as Leo?

Almost seven years later, the *paw-some* organization Knots of Fun-Makers of Happy Hands, Happy Dog Toys-is leading the pack in Made in the USA dog toys. The design is so elegant and simple that children could make them-and they have! In addition to marketing Knots of Fun to retailers, Lisa offered countless young folks the opportunity to fundraise for their schools by creating toys to sell in their communities, and the kids loved the artistic process!

Now, each and every Knots of Fun toy is professionally made. You can find them at your local retailer (check out our Store Finder to find your nearest location). Lisa is so grateful for all of the wonderful local support, and she, Leo, and Jenny (the latest pup to join the family) wish you happy playtime!

Ryan Amirault – Marketing

Cleo and YampaRyan is our marketing guy. He’s busy with email marketing, SMS, social, the website and pretty much anything hitting 1s or 0s. He is behind the keys a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s not entertaining his two Duck Tollers with their favorite Follow-Me Toy.

Christy Christoffersen – Web Designer/Developeer

Taz DogChristy Christoffersen is the web designer/developer. She has helped the Happy Hands Happy Dogs website evolve over time, and enjoys the challenges of keeping software up to date, and keeps all the pieces playing nicely together. She gets out for a walk with her mixed terrier, Taz, as often as she can.